"Very accommodating and the staff was friendly. Our pups had a blast!" 
- Kyle Ryan


Chelsea M. , April 8, 2017
I have nothing but good things to say about Buffalo Barks. They are so accommodating with their hours, which has helped me a ton keeping Ulrich socialized and looked after during my long work shifts. The facility is clean and well kept, spacious and accommodating for all dogs. It took Ulrich some time to warm up to all the action, but has come SUCH a long way. Now, as soon as we pull into the lot he sprints to the door ready to play! And better yet- always comes home exhausted! David and his staff are wonderful, and you can tell they are genuinely passionate about their work with the dogs. 
I would happily recommend Buffalo Barks without hesitation!

Denise T., January 13, 2017
I started bringing my 3 1/2 month old puppy here to socialize with the other dogs and couldn't be happier! Remi comes home happy and tired! All the staff are very nice and compassionate to our babies! I love seeing the videos while I'm at work knowing she's doing just fine. I love how every dog is always wagging its tail in the videos! And what really amazes me is how all the dogs get along and play and have fun together no matter what breed or size! Buffalo Barks is also very convenient being so close to my house! I can't say thank you enough!

Kimberly N., February 27, 2017
Took my dog here for 2 nights of boarding while on a business trip. Checkin was fast and easy. David was extremely nice! The facility was clean and the play area for the dogs was very nice. The videos posted of her playing with the other dogs gave me a piece of mind and made me happy that she was having a great time! I'd take her here for doggy daycare if we lived nearby. Definitely recommend this place!!

Andrew Pytlewski., April 2, 2017 
I take my dog there every Friday for daycare and I couldn't be happier with how Nelson is treated. It's very sad to see all of these negative reviews coming from people all over the country who have clearly never been in Buffalo let alone this facility. Trust someone who has, it's a fantastic place with great people.

Riley P., April 2, 2017 
Unlike many of the Johnny Come Latelys jumping on board to post hateful reviews, I have actually been bringing my dog here for nearly two years now. I have never found David or any of his staff to be anything but truly wonderful with the dogs in their charge. Not only do they monitor the dogs' activities constantly, but they often go above and beyond the call of duty. All of their staff has taken a dog CPR course, the go out and play with the dogs during the day and David, the actual owner of the place stays overnight at the facility when there are dogs being boarded. 
My dog, who was shy and withdrawn when I rescued her has become friendly and social ever since bringing her here and will practically run full out to get inside every time we come. She comes home happy and exhausted and often times cleaner than when she went in.
Not only are the people at Buffalo Barks professional, but they go above and beyond that to be friendly and genuinely caring.
Before you go believing hateful words of people who have never had their dogs here, take the time to read the words of people who have...those are the ones that speak volumes about the kind of place that this really is.

Lisa N., April 2 2017
Our puppy stayed at buffalo barks for 5 days while we were away. We felt absolutely confident he was having fun and was well taken care of the whole time. My daughter loved watching the videos daily of chewie and it was great to see how active he was. I would definitely use buffalo barks again for boarding and also to get Chewie some exercise at daycare.

Dani C., January 27, 2017
I had tried kenneling my my dog other places before and he hated it. I had to drag him in and I felt like a terrible puppy parent leaving him. Then I found Buffalo Barks and he ran TO the door.
Leaving your fur babies is never fun but at least at Buffalo Barks you know they'll be having fun and are well taken care of :-)

Courtney B., March 24, 2017
Took my dog Zeus today for a trial run and he loved it! He was asleep the second we got back in the car. Glad to have such a nice place right around the corner....we can't wait to come back!

Katie K. November 11, 2016 
I started taking my dog here days after I brought him home at 12 weeks old. He was shy, skittish, and generally scared of everything. The staff at Buffalo Barks were extremely accommodating and patient with him. Now Gilligan goes regularly and I can't imagine a better way for him to spend the day. The price is great and knowing that he's safe (and will be coming home exhausted) is priceless.

Kirsten R.,  December 6, 2016 
I had a wonderful experience with Buffalo Barks this week. It's an amazing facility with an owner and staff that are truly dedicated and care about what they do. There's no better place to trust with your beloved doggie friends!

Jessica T., February 24, 2017
We brought our little blind pekingese here for grooming today and were very happy with the experience. Our pup gets stressed easily and he came out very happy and he looked adorable.

Carol S., November 1, 2016
This is a very well maintained and clean facility. The owner David and his staff give amazing care to all the animals to come. Take the tour and you'll be convinced this is the place to put your pet.

Debi B., July 19, 2016 
Omgoodness..not sure I brought home the same dog lol, my dog Nitro is very hyper I was afraid she would get kicked out of day care, as I drove the 290 I kept looking where a good place was to get off in case I get a call to pick up my dog!! But that call never came ( phew). I picked up Nitro after 5 hours and she fell asleep in the car and is still sleeping lol..I hope she doesn't rest too much before bedtime....thank you Buffalo Barks for a wonderful day at doggy day care...Nitro will be back tomorrow.

Richard F., March 23, 2016
Buffalo Barks has taken great care of my dog for day care. They put up framed photographs of many dogs they watch - it really adds a personalized touch. I'm glad I bring my dog here. Their location is perfect for my commute, since I'm able to hop onto the 290 and head into work. Hours are great too. I am recommending them to family who could use similar services.

Juliane N., June 27, 2016 
Our place to go for daycare, boarding and grooming of our dog! Staff is great at taking care of our dog. He loves it there. We especially like the videos of all the puppies that BuffaloBarks post on Facebook!

Kelsey M., March 15, 2016 
My pup went to Buffalo Barks for his first full day of doggy daycare today and he can barely keep his eyes open since we picked him up! He had a trial session yesterday and today when we walked in, he ran off without looking back. He normally cries when I walk away from him so I know he really loves it there! Will definitely be bringing him back for more fun

Nicole Rose B., March 19, 2015 
I have been going to Buffalo Barks since day one and absolutely love it. The staff and owners are amazing and would bend over backwards to accommodate both dog and owner. The play area outside is safe and paw friendly, using gravel that doesn't hurt puppy paws! My Q-Bert suns himself out there on the play set and loves it. The inside is super clean. Q-Bert has stayed overnight and a person is always there with them. It is reasonably priced and a great place.

Jessie A., July 18, 2016 
Our dog stayed at Buffalo Barks over the weekend and she loved it! We didn't feel any concern about leaving her in a kennel and she came home happy and exhausted.

Bianca H., March 18, 2016 
Our dog Moose had his trial day today, and he seemed to love it! The facility was very clean and organized. We are very excited to bring him back so he can play and socialize. We will definitely be regular customers. Thank you!

Zac C., May 6, 2016 
My dog is only happy at home and at buffalo barks. Dave and the team are wonderful and our dog has a blast there. I wouldn't go anywhere else.

Sue M., July 15, 2015  
Willow has so much fun at Buffalo Barks! A great way for her to burn off all that energy while we are at work!

Melissa H., April 30, 2016
My Milo loves it, is always happy and tired when he comes home! love seeing the pic and video updates!

Cassandra S., April 1, 2017
Dave is absolutely amazing. After leaving my baby boy with Buffalo Barks for a week while we went away he assured me everything would be perfect and settled all my anxiety of leaving my dog for the first time. Since then we bring the pup back weekly and he gets so excited he runs right in to see the staff and the other pups. Absolutely love them.

Tabitha H., April 5, 2017
I brought my dog to get pampered for her birthday. She was afraid of the blow dryer so the groomer (Jen) helped her out with a fan instead. Which showed how much she cared. She smelled so good and she was smiling when I picked her up. I would recommend buffalo barks to anyone who loves their animals!

Kim N.
I'm not sure who loves this place more, my dogs or myself! They are always well cared for and the best part - they come home exhausted! One of my dogs is more of an alpha type and Dave and his staff have really worked with her to acclimate her into the group. Other places I've gone tend to put them in a crate if they aren't behaving correctly and the staff doesn't do that here. 
I also don't always know my schedule for the week, so another plus is no appointment needed for daycare. Just drop them off!!

Paula B. December 2016
To the nice person who bought Darwin the moose antler I want to say THANK YOU very much. There still are some nice people out there who do random acts of kindness. I wanted to recipricate but Dave told me that would not be what you wanted. Thanks again and have a Happy Thanksgiving and a wonderful holiday season 🐶🤗  
This dog care is a wonderful place. Dave treats each dog as if it were his own. I recommend them to everyone I know. I was one of those skeptical people at first. Never had done something like this before. I am so glad I gave it a try. 

Courtney L.
We decided to take our 7 month old lab pup here after reading all of the great reviews, and we have since realized why they are all 5 star reviews! This place is truly amazing. The owner give so much personal attention to the dogs and their owners. We love seeing photos and videos of our pup playing during the day. It is so much easier being at work all day when we know or little boy is happy, safe, and running around. He LOVES coming here - he even cries of excitement when we pull in. And the best part is, he is POOPED when we get home, he just sleeps the rest of the night :) We highly recommend Buffalo Barks.Thanks for all you do!

Tammy G.
"Blu loves it here! He gets so excited in the car, that he starts to drool. This place helps with his separation anxiety. When he's there I don't have to worry." 

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