FAQs about our Buffalo, NY dog daycare

Why dog daycare?
When you leave your house, you’re out in the world working or running errands. To your dog(s), you are their world. When you leave, they are left alone. Bringing your dogs to Buffalo Barks means they will be able to run, rest, and interact with other pups for a healthier more socialized pup.

What is the process?
Before you and your dog(s) come to Buffalo Barks, we require a meet and greet. Your dog(s) will meet with another one of our more laid back pups to make sure that your dog(s) can behave in the group. If this goes well,  your dog(s) can enjoy a free day in our care. 

What vaccinations are required?
Members are required to provide up-to-date records of vaccinations for Rabies, Distemper, and Bordetella (kennel cough). We also prefer that your dog(s) are protected against fleas and heartworm. We like to keep all of our dogs healthy during their stay with us.

Will my dog be allowed to interact with other dogs?
We believe it is important to keep your dog(s) socialized. Proper socialization will help your dog(s) interact with humans and other canines. Your dog(s) will play as a group, but you don’t have to worry about over-stimulation. We provide resting and napping areas when your pet needs a little alone time. Let us know what special needs your pup requires.

What if my dog has special dietary restrictions?
We encourage you to be as detailed as possible when entrusting us with your dog’s care. The more specific you are on the Boarding Application, the better we can accommodate your pet’s specific needs. Feel free to bring special food with you to make your pet feel more at home.

What if my dog requires medication?
Buffalo Barks employees are trained in Pet First Aid and CPR and we can give meds from pills to shots and there is never a charge.

Do you take special needs dogs?
We do, have have dogs that are deaf, blind, three legs. We love and care for them all!

Do you provide outdoor play areas?
We have both indoor (Apx. 5000 sq. ft.) and outdoor Apx. 2000 sq. ft.) play areas. 
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