Dog Daycare

Dog Daycare for Buffalo, NY

Prior to your dog’s first day staying with us, we will conduct a meet and greet. Your pet will meet with one of our laid-back, dog-friendly canines to assess how they interact. When it goes well, we will offer you a free day of dog daycare to assess how your dog or dogs do with our pack of pups. 

You are everything to your dog. When you leave the house, your furry friend is all alone. If your dog(s) suffer from separation anxiety or other behavioral disorders, leaving them at home alone can be especially psychologically taxing. But when you leave your dog in our care, you’ll know that your pet will be in a safe, loving environment while you’re at work or out of the house.

Daycare Rates:
                              1 Dog          2 Dogs
½ Day                   $15              $27
Full Day                $22             $39
5 Full Days           $100           $187
10 Full Days         $200           $360
20 Full Days        $400           $740
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Our caring and dedicated dog sitters will take great care of your pet.

At our dog daycare, we offer a caring and controlled environment for your puppy to stay safe while continuing to socialize with our other furry visitors. We offer a group daycare that can help socialize your dog(s); improving behavior among other animals and humans. Only properly-socialized dogs will be allowed to play with others. Your pet will be monitored during indoor and outdoor activities.

Daycare play groups will be organized according to your dog’s age, size and temperament. 

Out of Town Guests:  Day and over night prices apply.

Monday Madness  Day Special
Only $17 per dog, all day

Have any questions? Check out our FAQ's or contact us for more information!
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